A thought on Enochian – 2

In this post https://asterrars.com/2020/12/19/a-thought-on-the-enochian-alphabet/ I wrote that Enochian might be a coded form of Sumerian. When I apply that to the Names of the Elemental Kings and the Names on the Tablet of Union, it gives an interesting result. The 4 Kings OIP TEAA PDOCE Self + Gate + As much asFence + Put –Continue reading “A thought on Enochian – 2”

The G.V.’s conjuration of Lucifer

LUCIFERO OUYAR CHAMERON ALISEON MANDOUSIN PREMY ORIET NAYDRUS ESMONY EPARINESON ESTIOT DUMOSSON DANOCHAR CASMIEL HAYRAS FABELLERONTHON SODIRNO PEATHAM COME LUCIFER AMEN This long list of names / words might actually be Hebrew. LUCIFER OVR (Wake up / Arise) KMR (To grow warm / Intertwine / Idolatrous priest) OVN (To look at) OLI (Supreme) ShAN (Tranquil)Continue reading “The G.V.’s conjuration of Lucifer”

Zazas zazas nasatananda zazas

I have written somewhere else before how this incantation might be corrupted Persian. Recently I discovered the word “Zaza” in Hebrew and in Sumerian (with different meanings). The following two interpretations may make sense. Sumerian: ZAZA (bow down) ZA (man, close) AS (one) NA (man) SA (equal) TAH (add, increase) AN (heaven) DA (side) ZAZAContinue reading “Zazas zazas nasatananda zazas”