A thought on the Enochian Alphabet

There are countless books, articles and sites about John Dee and the material he received from the Angels. I admit that I haven’t read all of these. So it’s quite possible that this idea of mine already has been put forth by others.

Of all the fascinating and puzzling things about Enochian one I find very remarkable. Namely the fact that the letters of the alphabet have names that don’t make any (phonetical) sense.

For some reason I got the idea that these names might be words in either Enochian itself or another language. So that one word could in actuality be a coded sentence.

If there is something to this idea then it would make the Enochian dictionary a whole lot shorter but at the same time be a tool to expand on the language.

Here is a first attempt:

C/KVEHBEDeduct / Remove / Receive (as an allotment)
G/JGEDKIDCut / Demolish / Break
DGALKALRare / Valuable
FORA’URHidden place
EGRAPHGARPlace / To put

HNANAMan / Stone
LURURHe / One / Man
QGERGIRGift / Rage
NDRUXDURBond / Totality

USFollow / Side

SABGather together
U/VVANBANUnit of capacity


BOLPBe thouBranch + Self + One + As much as
CHISOAre / Shall beReceive + Man + Gate +Spreading +Self
CHRISTEOSLet there beReceive + Man + Pure + Gate + Fence + To put + Self + Spreading
NOA(L)NBecomeBond – Follow + Self + Rise + (One) + Totality – Side
OIASWas, is and shall beSelf + Gate + Rise + Spreading
TRIANShall beFence + Pure + Gate + Rise + Bond – Side


APILALivethRise + As much as + Gate + One + Rise
HOMLive(s)Man + Self + Expand
IOIADHim that lives foreverGate + Self + Gate + Rise + Rare
SALBROXLive sulphurSpreading + Rise + One + Branch + Pure + Self + Garment


EOLMake / I madeTo put – Window + Self + Man
EOLISMake / MakingTo put – Window + Self + Man + Gate + Spreading
OLI madeSelf + Man
OLNMadeSelf + Man + Totality – Side
ONMade / BuiltSelf + Totality – Side
OZAZMMake meSelf + Gather together + Rise + Gather together + Expand
OZAZMAMake usSelf + Gather together + Rise + Gather together + Expand + Rise


QAACreationGift + Rise + Rise
QAADAHCreatorGift – Rise + Rise + Rare + Rise + Man
QAALCreatorGift + Rise + Rise + He

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2 thoughts on “A thought on the Enochian Alphabet

  1. I’ve currently been looking into tracing languages and their usage so this is quite a fascinating read. Most recently, I’ve been delving into shorthand, as well as learning cyrillic. Comparing the Cyrillic alphabet with that of the one I’m used to has been both challenging and rewarding. Quite more fascinating is the choice of lines and glyphs chosen to represent sound. Shorthand, for example, is based on phonetics, it’s the act of capturing a sound and associating it with the language it was written to compress information. To the untrained eye, shorthand can look like sanskrit. But then isn’t all language a compression of data for ease of communication? Which is why this Enochian comparison is quite fascinating. Thank you for the interesting read!

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