A thought on Enochian – 2

In this post https://asterrars.com/2020/12/19/a-thought-on-the-enochian-alphabet/ I wrote that Enochian might be a coded form of Sumerian. When I apply that to the Names of the Elemental Kings and the Names on the Tablet of Union, it gives an interesting result. The 4 Kings OIP TEAA PDOCE Self + Gate + As much asFence + Put –Continue reading “A thought on Enochian – 2”

Zazas zazas nasatananda zazas

I have written somewhere else before how this incantation might be corrupted Persian. Recently I discovered the word “Zaza” in Hebrew and in Sumerian (with different meanings). The following two interpretations may make sense. Sumerian: ZAZA (bow down) ZA (man, close) AS (one) NA (man) SA (equal) TAH (add, increase) AN (heaven) DA (side) ZAZAContinue reading “Zazas zazas nasatananda zazas”

A thought on the Enochian Alphabet

There are countless books, articles and sites about John Dee and the material he received from the Angels. I admit that I haven’t read all of these. So it’s quite possible that this idea of mine already has been put forth by others. Of all the fascinating and puzzling things about Enochian one I findContinue reading “A thought on the Enochian Alphabet”