The Seal of Lucifer

Imagine you are a medieval occultist. You know the Malachim alphabet and you want to create a beautiful Seal for Lucifer.

You take the Lahmed and mirror it.

You take the Kaf and stretch it out a bit.

You take the Peh and the Resh.


Now you merge these letters by placing them on top of each other.

The symbol:

The Gematria for this is 330, which according to Crowley gives three words:

  • boundary / terminus / crosspath
  • revolution / hurricane / tempest
  • error / fault

Interesting. Right?

In an invocation you can speak the vowels that are missing from the Name. U/V, I and E/A. In Hebrew these can be Vav, Yod and Aleph. This would give a Gematria of 17. There are a couple of interesting entries for 17 in Crowley’s Sepher Sephiroth. Not all of them support my idea here, but the word “circle” (Chet Vav Gihmel) does.

In Latin, VIA is way / road of course.

A simple magic square with these three letters:




The third word AVI can be translated as ancestor.

The middle word IAV has no translation in Latin, but it is IAO, the great word of invocation if you accept the Vav as an O.

These three definitely contain an idea to me.

You could translate I as “one”, A as “away from” and V as “five”.

So, LCFR is 330 in Hebrew. VIA is 17 (both VIA and IAV are not mentioned in Sepher Sephiroth, but AVI is and it is translated as “alas!”)

330 + 17 = 347

In Sepher Sephiroth, 347 gives “bridal chamber”. And 348 gives “five”. So 347 is just one away from five…

And then it doesn’t take a lot to turn the symbol into this:

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