Relaxation ritual with Marbas

Light a candle

Lay down on the floor with enough room around you

Calm your mind

Concentrate on your solar plexus

Visualize a golden radiating sun in that area for a few moments

Allow the image to change into the head of a lion ā€“ the head of Marbas

Feel his calming power

Slowly chant


See how Marbas’ manes grow and spread through your body as you continue the chant

Feel how muscle tensions dissipate when the manes reach them

Feel the vibration of the start of Marbas’ roar

Continue the chant and let the manes relax your entire body

Feel and hear the mighty roar of Marbas within

Remain in this state as long as you wish

Bring your hands together as in prayer, kiss the tips of your index fingers and then place your hands on your heart to end the ritual

Published by asterrars

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