A thought on Enochian – 2

In this post https://asterrars.com/2020/12/19/a-thought-on-the-enochian-alphabet/ I wrote that Enochian might be a coded form of Sumerian.

When I apply that to the Names of the Elemental Kings and the Names on the Tablet of Union, it gives an interesting result.

The 4 Kings

OIP TEAA PDOCESelf + Gate + As much as
Fence + Put – Window + Rise + Rise
As much as + Valuable + Self + Remove / Receive + Put – Window
“Utmost Gate to the Self, A Window in the Fence to Rise and Rise, this Received Window is of Maximum Value to the Self”
MPH ARSL GAIOLExpand + As much as + Man / Stone
Rise + Pure + Spreading + He / One
Cut / Break + Rise + Gate + Self + He / One
“Expand As much as Man can, as He Rises in Purity and Spreads, He Breaks through the Gate of Self”
ORO IBAH AOIZPSelf + Pure + Self
Gate + Branch + Rise + Man / Stone
Rise + Self + Gate + Gather together + As much as
“The Self the Pure Self, Man Rises and Branches out through the Gate, Self Rises through the Gate and Gathers together As much as possible”
MOR DIAL HCTGAExpand + Self + Pure
Valuable + Gate + Rise + He / One
Man / Stone + Remove / Receive + Fence + Cut / Break + Rise
“The Purity of Self Expands, as He Rises through the Valuable Gate, Man Removes the Fence and Breaks it and Rises”

The Names on the Tablet of Union

EXARPPut – Window + Garment + Rise + Pure + As much as“A window in the Garment to Rise in Purity As much as possible”
HCOMAMan / Stone + Remove / Receive + Self + Expand + Rise“Man Receives the Expansion and Rise of Self”
NANTABond – Side + Rise + Bond – Side + Fence + Rise“Bond and Rise to Bond with the Fence and Rise”
BITOMBranch + Gate + Fence + Self + Expand“Branch out through the Gate in the Fence and Expand Self”

Something to consider when performing the Watchtower Ritual.

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