The Seal of Azazel

It never made sense to me that the planetary seal of Saturn is used as the seal of Azazel. I have asked fellow occultists about this and the answers varied.

“That is because Azazel is Zazel” someone said. That makes no sense because he is not. And because Zazel has his own seal which isn’t the planetary seal.

Someone else said “That is just one of those things we will probably never know”. Which is really dissatisfying to me.

In September of 2019 I was in contact with a small group of people who intended to evoke or invoke Azazel a couple of times for a set period of time and to share information afterwards. I suggested we’d all ask him about his true seal.

Turns out I was the only one who had asked him.

Now, spirits don’t communicate with me by speaking entire paragraphs of (common sense) ‘gnosis’. The answers I receive always are very short, in strange languages and most of the time quite puzzling. In a way that’s how I like it.

When I asked Azazel what he could tell me about the seal, he said:

“The body I did, there are three. Hear this, I am”

I have also asked an Angel about Azazel a couple of times. She always calls him ‘Azaz’.

Currently I am working on (amongst other things) a little grimoire dedicated to a group of fallen Angels. Of these, only Azazel has a (generally accepted) seal, and one of the others has a modern seal that has gotten popular in the last couple of years.

I didn’t want to use either of these if I couldn’t find seals for the other ones in the group. As I was working out the different Angels and reconstructing their Names to make correct seals, I suddenly saw something that has been staring at me the entire time.

Azaz (Strength) is spelled Ayin Zayn Zayn.

If you combine these three letters into a single glyph using the alphabet known as ‘Passing the River’, and mirror the second Zayn (to make the figure look balanced), you get this figure:

The Name I think is formed by combining three words:




To make hot


To depart

“The departed one who makes stronger by applying heat”

This “applying of heat” is a reference to his power to teach the making of swords

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