Conjuration of the Lesser Spirits

In the Grimorium Verum, after the Conjuration of one of the Superiors, follows the Call to their obedient Lesser Spirits.

Like the Conjuration of Lucifer, I have reconstructed this as Hebrew.

Conjuration of the Lesser Spirits


Come N.

OVSh (Gather together, Assemble)

OVR (Wake, Arouse, Arise)

MI (Who)

DL (Something hanging, Low, Ignoble)

MShON (Stay, Support, Staff)

HTL (Deceive, Mock)

ShL (On account of, Fault)

OIM (To frighten)

ChRSh (Artificer, Silence, Secretly, Magician)

HVA (He, This, To exist)

MOL (Treachery, The place of entrance, Lifting up)


LAH (To labour)

MIN (Species, Sort)

TAH (To mark out)

KVL (To contain, To sustain, To protect)

OVN (Perversity, Misery)

POR (To open the mouth wide – as a ravenous beast)

AVN (Nothing – but also Faculty, Strength)

MAD (Strength, Force, Greatly)

OIN (Eye, Fountain)

MRH (To be rebellious)

LVI (Adhesion, Wreath)

BVL (Produce – Food)

ARH (To pluck)

TVR (To explore, To spy, To search out)

DN (Like this)

MA (That which)

V (and)

HN (They, Hither)

POL (To make, To do, A deed)

OIM (To frighten, Terror)

IBSh (To put to shame, Dried up)

ShL (On account of, Fault)

MOVN (A dwelling, A fortress)

HLM (To beat, To strike, To smite)

DRK (Path, Course, Mode)

TVL (To throw, To cast)

ShPR (To polish, To please, Beauty)

ShAN (To be quiet, Tranquil)

ChRI (Burning anger)

ShL (On account of, Fault)

ShAIH (Destruction, Ruins)

LAM (Gather)

AVN (Strength)

ShSh (Six)

ShLH (To wander, To lead astray, To deceive)

NDR (A vow)

HRAL (The altar of burnt offerings, “The mount of God”)

POH (To call, To hiss as a serpent)

HVN (Enough, Easy)

HLM (To beat, Strike, Smite)

AVN (Strength, Might)

AShP (Enchanter, Magician)

AL (God)

AIL (Strong, Robust, Mighty)

NVTz (To shine, Be bright, Flourish)

ROIUN (Desire, Thought)

BN (Son)

AL (God)

V (And)

ORM (To be crafty, To uncover)

IOZ (To be hard, Robust)

ASh (Fire)

L (For, Of)

AUR (Light)

NHL (To lead, To guard)

MA (That which)

DVR (Dwell, Inhabit, A circle, An age)

ShMT (To be cast down)

L (For)

HVH (To exist, To breathe, To perish, To ruin)

LA (Not)

AMTh (Stability, Faithfulness)

PH (Here)

RN (Shout for joy)

GM (Also, Indeed)

BOL (Master, Ruler, Lord)

DR (An age)

DRO (An arm)

QN (Nest, Abode)

Assemble and Arise, you Who are the Lower and Supporting, who Frighten and Deceive. I, the Magician Lift you up. Your Species is Marked out to Labour, and to Sustain Perversities. Open your Mouth in Strength, open your Eyes in Strength. You who Adhere to Rebellion, who Search out and Pluck the Fruits, and are Like Those who Frighten, On account of which you are put to Shame, Smitten and Thrown into your Dwelling.

Be pleasant and Tranquil, or Ruined on Account of Burning Anger. Gather Strength from the Six who Wander. Vowed to be Called with Ease on the Altar of burnt offerings, or be Smitten by the Strength of the Magician of God. Strongly Flourishes the Desire, Uncovered and Robust, the Son of God.

The Light of the Fire Guards the Circle that was Cast, For that which Breathes Not. Be Faithful, and Shout for joy Here Also. The Master of this Age, whose Arm rules your Abode.

Come N”

A thought on Enochian – 2

In this post I wrote that Enochian might be a coded form of Sumerian.

When I apply that to the Names of the Elemental Kings and the Names on the Tablet of Union, it gives an interesting result.

The 4 Kings

OIP TEAA PDOCESelf + Gate + As much as
Fence + Put – Window + Rise + Rise
As much as + Valuable + Self + Remove / Receive + Put – Window
“Utmost Gate to the Self, A Window in the Fence to Rise and Rise, this Received Window is of Maximum Value to the Self”
MPH ARSL GAIOLExpand + As much as + Man / Stone
Rise + Pure + Spreading + He / One
Cut / Break + Rise + Gate + Self + He / One
“Expand As much as Man can, as He Rises in Purity and Spreads, He Breaks through the Gate of Self”
ORO IBAH AOIZPSelf + Pure + Self
Gate + Branch + Rise + Man / Stone
Rise + Self + Gate + Gather together + As much as
“The Self the Pure Self, Man Rises and Branches out through the Gate, Self Rises through the Gate and Gathers together As much as possible”
MOR DIAL HCTGAExpand + Self + Pure
Valuable + Gate + Rise + He / One
Man / Stone + Remove / Receive + Fence + Cut / Break + Rise
“The Purity of Self Expands, as He Rises through the Valuable Gate, Man Removes the Fence and Breaks it and Rises”

The Names on the Tablet of Union

EXARPPut – Window + Garment + Rise + Pure + As much as“A window in the Garment to Rise in Purity As much as possible”
HCOMAMan / Stone + Remove / Receive + Self + Expand + Rise“Man Receives the Expansion and Rise of Self”
NANTABond – Side + Rise + Bond – Side + Fence + Rise“Bond and Rise to Bond with the Fence and Rise”
BITOMBranch + Gate + Fence + Self + Expand“Branch out through the Gate in the Fence and Expand Self”

Something to consider when performing the Watchtower Ritual.


It’s not hard to imagine how the name Surgat changed into Surgatha, and how that turned into Sergutthy. In the book they are treated and listed as different spirits, with different ranks. But when you look at their powers it becomes even more plausible that this is the same entity.

Surgat can open all sorts of locks.

Surgatha can open anything that is closed.

Sergutthy has power over women of all ages, provided it is a good occasion.

There is some confusion about the seal of Sergutthy as it is in some places switched with that of Bechard. But since Bechard has power over the wind, it is safe to assume that the seal containing a feather would be his and the one with the symbols of Luna, Mars and Venus is Sergutthy’s.

Some possible interpretations of the name:

The Hebrew ShVR has a lot of translations. It is the name for the sign of Taurus but can also mean “to go”, “to look around”, “to put in order”, “a lier in wait”, “a wall” and “ to behold”.

The Hebrew GAUTh has the meanings “something lifted up”, “majesty”, “glory” and “pride / arrogance”.

The Latin SERA has the meaning of “girdle” and “evening”.

The Latin SURGERE means “to arise”.

The Latin GUTTA means “a drop”, and from that GUTTUR “throat” and “goiter”. My old dictionary also gives the translation of “a person’s bottom”.

The Persian SARGHUT means “opulence, beneficence”.

The Persian SARGUTA means “a secret”.

The name could then be interpreted as

He who beholds the glory, and lies in wait for the proud and arrogant. In the evening, he will arise and within the girdle, the secret will start to drip opulently.”

From this, his power can be explained as affecting a passive aggressive and haughty woman.

The Seal of Sergutthy. Mars and Venus as representing the male and female. The waxing moon signifying attraction. Enclosed in a girdle.

The G.V.’s conjuration of Lucifer



This long list of names / words might actually be Hebrew.


OVR (Wake up / Arise)

KMR (To grow warm / Intertwine / Idolatrous priest)

OVN (To look at)

OLI (Supreme)

ShAN (Tranquil)

MNDO (Knowledge / Understanding)

ChIN (Grace / Beauty)

PRO (Loosen / Make naked / Begin / Leader)

MI (Who)

AVR (The Flame)

YOT (Counsellor)

NYD (Comfort)

RASh (The Head / The Highest)

ASh (Fire)

MNI (Fate / Fortune / the planet Venus)

AP (Even / Also)

ARI (Lion)

NShA (Lift up)

OIN (the Eye)

OShThVTh (Thoughts, ideas)

DVMH (Silence / Silent expectation of Divine aid)

ShAVN (Noise / Tumult / Destruction)

DO (Knowledge)

NHR (Flow / Shine)

ChShML (Polished Bronze)

OIR (A Watcher)

RZ (Secret)

POH (To call / to cry out / to hiss as a viper)

BLV (A tribute)

RN (Shout for joy)

NThN (To give)

ShDR (To endeavour)

NA (I beseech thee)

PAH (Mouth / region)

ThM (Fullness / Wholeness / Completely)

LUCIFER, Arise! I grow warm as I look at your Supreme Tranquillity, Knowledge and Beauty! Begin, you Flame! Counsellor and Comforter of the Highest! The Fire of Fate! Even the Lion that Lifts up the Eye! Thoughts in Silence, the Tumult of Knowledge! Shine like polished Bronze! You Secret Watcher! I cry out this Tribute! I give this shout for joy! I endeavour, I beseech you! This Mouth Completely!



In Geof Gray-Cobb’s book The Miracle of New Avatar Power, the Angel Arzel plays a prominent role. He is the first that is called on in every ritual, and acts as the gatekeeper of the system.

In Damon Brand’s book The 72 Angels of Magick, he is treated as a part of the Angel of Secrets, Raziel.

Some believe that he is the Enochian Angel ARZL.

In the Bible ARZ is translated as “cedar”. The Psalm that is commonly assigned to Arzel is

Ps 80:11

“The mountains were covered with the shadow of it, and the mighty cedars with the boughs thereof.”

There are 3 more Psalms in which the cedar is mentioned, but only in 80:11 the letters ARZI are immediately followed by AL.

Ps 29:5

“The voice of the LORD breaketh the cedars; yea, the LORD breaketh in pieces the cedars of Lebanon.”

Ps 92:13

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm-tree; he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.”

Ps 104:16

“The trees of the LORD have their fill, the cedars of Lebanon which He hath planted.”

In Persian there is the word ARZ

which means “presenting itself / appearing / representing / a petition”. Considering his role in Gray-Cobb’s book, I think this seems like a very plausible root for the Name of this Angel. It certainly makes more sense than “cedar”.

Here is a Seal for Arzel, based on the Malachim alphabet. Feel free to use it when calling him who appears and represents when you are making a petition.

Relaxation ritual with Marbas

Light a candle

Lay down on the floor with enough room around you

Calm your mind

Concentrate on your solar plexus

Visualize a golden radiating sun in that area for a few moments

Allow the image to change into the head of a lion – the head of Marbas

Feel his calming power

Slowly chant


See how Marbas’ manes grow and spread through your body as you continue the chant

Feel how muscle tensions dissipate when the manes reach them

Feel the vibration of the start of Marbas’ roar

Continue the chant and let the manes relax your entire body

Feel and hear the mighty roar of Marbas within

Remain in this state as long as you wish

Bring your hands together as in prayer, kiss the tips of your index fingers and then place your hands on your heart to end the ritual

Zazas zazas nasatananda zazas

I have written somewhere else before how this incantation might be corrupted Persian. Recently I discovered the word “Zaza” in Hebrew and in Sumerian (with different meanings). The following two interpretations may make sense.


ZAZA (bow down)

ZA (man, close)

AS (one)

NA (man)

SA (equal)

TAH (add, increase)

AN (heaven)

DA (side)


Bow down man (this) one rises to be a man equal to the heavens, bow down one.


ZAZA (ZZA) Brightness, fullness (this is said to be derived of ZIZ “beast of the field” in Psalm 80:14 and which also has the meaning of “abundance” which is how it is used in Isaiah 66:11 “That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breast of her consolations; that ye may drink deeply with delight of the abundance of her glory.”)

AZ (Ayin Zayn) Strength

AZ (Aleph Zayn) Therefor

NASA (NShA) to lift up (used extensively in the Bible both figuratively and literally, for instance in Psalm 94:2 “Lift up Thyself, Thou judge of the earth, render to the proud their recompense.”)

TAN (TaN) sea monster, dragon

ANAD (AYIN NUN DALET) to bind, lace fast (used in the sense of tying something to you, as in Job 31:36 “Surely I would carry it upon my shoulder; I would bind it unto me as a crown.”


The beasts of the field are strong and abundant, rise up therefor dragon, bind to me your brightness and strength.

The Seal of Lucifer

Imagine you are a medieval occultist. You know the Malachim alphabet and you want to create a beautiful Seal for Lucifer.

You take the Lahmed and mirror it.

You take the Kaf and stretch it out a bit.

You take the Peh and the Resh.


Now you merge these letters by placing them on top of each other.

The symbol:

The Gematria for this is 330, which according to Crowley gives three words:

  • boundary / terminus / crosspath
  • revolution / hurricane / tempest
  • error / fault

Interesting. Right?

In an invocation you can speak the vowels that are missing from the Name. U/V, I and E/A. In Hebrew these can be Vav, Yod and Aleph. This would give a Gematria of 17. There are a couple of interesting entries for 17 in Crowley’s Sepher Sephiroth. Not all of them support my idea here, but the word “circle” (Chet Vav Gihmel) does.

In Latin, VIA is way / road of course.

A simple magic square with these three letters:




The third word AVI can be translated as ancestor.

The middle word IAV has no translation in Latin, but it is IAO, the great word of invocation if you accept the Vav as an O.

These three definitely contain an idea to me.

You could translate I as “one”, A as “away from” and V as “five”.

So, LCFR is 330 in Hebrew. VIA is 17 (both VIA and IAV are not mentioned in Sepher Sephiroth, but AVI is and it is translated as “alas!”)

330 + 17 = 347

In Sepher Sephiroth, 347 gives “bridal chamber”. And 348 gives “five”. So 347 is just one away from five…

And then it doesn’t take a lot to turn the symbol into this:


I recently did an invocation of Baphomet. For this I used the Enn:

Denyen Baphomet Ganabal On Ca

Two Sumerian interpretations of his Name:

BA (Vessel)

PU (Well)

METE (Image)

The Image is a Vessel containing the Well

BA (Animal)

PU (Mouth)

METE (Self)

“Through which the Animalistic Self Speaks”

Baphomet undeniably is connected to sex and transcending limitations. It’s funny to me how his name has been preserved in Dutch. The word for cunnilingus is “beffen”, but when the same act is performed on the anus, the word is “baffen”.

My tribute to Eliphas Levi’s drawing

The Seal of Azazel

It never made sense to me that the planetary seal of Saturn is used as the seal of Azazel. I have asked fellow occultists about this and the answers varied.

“That is because Azazel is Zazel” someone said. That makes no sense because he is not. And because Zazel has his own seal which isn’t the planetary seal.

Someone else said “That is just one of those things we will probably never know”. Which is really dissatisfying to me.

In September of 2019 I was in contact with a small group of people who intended to evoke or invoke Azazel a couple of times for a set period of time and to share information afterwards. I suggested we’d all ask him about his true seal.

Turns out I was the only one who had asked him.

Now, spirits don’t communicate with me by speaking entire paragraphs of (common sense) ‘gnosis’. The answers I receive always are very short, in strange languages and most of the time quite puzzling. In a way that’s how I like it.

When I asked Azazel what he could tell me about the seal, he said:

“The body I did, there are three. Hear this, I am”

I have also asked an Angel about Azazel a couple of times. She always calls him ‘Azaz’.

Currently I am working on (amongst other things) a little grimoire dedicated to a group of fallen Angels. Of these, only Azazel has a (generally accepted) seal, and one of the others has a modern seal that has gotten popular in the last couple of years.

I didn’t want to use either of these if I couldn’t find seals for the other ones in the group. As I was working out the different Angels and reconstructing their Names to make correct seals, I suddenly saw something that has been staring at me the entire time.

Azaz (Strength) is spelled Ayin Zayn Zayn.

If you combine these three letters into a single glyph using the alphabet known as ‘Passing the River’, and mirror the second Zayn (to make the figure look balanced), you get this figure:

The Name I think is formed by combining three words:




To make hot


To depart

“The departed one who makes stronger by applying heat”

This “applying of heat” is a reference to his power to teach the making of swords