It’s not hard to imagine how the name Surgat changed into Surgatha, and how that turned into Sergutthy. In the book they are treated and listed as different spirits, with different ranks. But when you look at their powers it becomes even more plausible that this is the same entity.

Surgat can open all sorts of locks.

Surgatha can open anything that is closed.

Sergutthy has power over women of all ages, provided it is a good occasion.

There is some confusion about the seal of Sergutthy as it is in some places switched with that of Bechard. But since Bechard has power over the wind, it is safe to assume that the seal containing a feather would be his and the one with the symbols of Luna, Mars and Venus is Sergutthy’s.

Some possible interpretations of the name:

The Hebrew ShVR has a lot of translations. It is the name for the sign of Taurus but can also mean “to go”, “to look around”, “to put in order”, “a lier in wait”, “a wall” and “ to behold”.

The Hebrew GAUTh has the meanings “something lifted up”, “majesty”, “glory” and “pride / arrogance”.

The Latin SERA has the meaning of “girdle” and “evening”.

The Latin SURGERE means “to arise”.

The Latin GUTTA means “a drop”, and from that GUTTUR “throat” and “goiter”. My old dictionary also gives the translation of “a person’s bottom”.

The Persian SARGHUT means “opulence, beneficence”.

The Persian SARGUTA means “a secret”.

The name could then be interpreted as

He who beholds the glory, and lies in wait for the proud and arrogant. In the evening, he will arise and within the girdle, the secret will start to drip opulently.”

From this, his power can be explained as affecting a passive aggressive and haughty woman.

The Seal of Sergutthy. Mars and Venus as representing the male and female. The waxing moon signifying attraction. Enclosed in a girdle.

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